Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the foundation of the first structure developed and thought for trainees in Anesthesiology throughout Europe: the ESA Trainee Network (ESA TN) Subcommittee.

Despite the asymmetries that exist among the European Anaesthesiology trainees, which are associated to geographical, socio-economical and cultural differences between countries, they have a common and strong interest: the improvement of their training as Anesthesiologists.
In order to do so, an effective communication between trainees must exist. This is the only way by which priorities can be established by the decision makers in order to adapt the ESA resources to the trainees’ needs. This is the aim of the European Society of Anaesthesiology Trainee Network.

In this LinkedIn Group, all activities directed to trainees promoted by the ESA will be announced and all European Anesthesiology Trainees, regardless their ESA membership status, are invited to give their opinion and suggest ideas to improve these initiatives. We promise there will always be someone here to listen. Information about each country Trainee Section will also be provided.

The success of the ESA TN depends on every each of us. The difference can only be made if we stay connected and dynamic.
Before welcoming you all to our new group, let us present ourselves, the members of the ESA TN provisional team:
Diogo Sobreira Fernandes (Portugal) – 4th year of training, ESA elected trainee representative, member of the ESA Council and leader of the team,
Michela Rauseo - 5th year of training, ESA elected trainee representative, member of the ESA Council
Liana Valeanu (Romania) – 5th year of training
Mihai Stefan (Romania) – 5th year of training
Bernardo Matias (Portugal) - 2nd year of training

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We look forward to communicating with you!
The ESA TN Subcommittee

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