Opening statements + Dr.Gur H. Key note lecture -Microbiota modulates antitumoral immunity


Prof. Wolf I. - Key note lecture - Cachexia in GI cancers


Prof. Aderka D. - Satellite Merck: The future is here: personalized medicine which can't distinguish between its right and left (colon)


Dr. Geva R. - Treatment option of refractory metastatic colorectal patient



Dr. Beni A. - Examining the role for resecting the primary in mCRC


Prof. Sabo E. - Innovative pathological parameters in colon cancer from polyp to tumor


Dr. Shulman K. - The silent masses - immunotherapy in MSS MCRC


Dr. Meirovich A. - The role of radiotherapy in the mCRC setting



Dr. Kori I. - Local therapies in HCC how to choose between them?

Dr. Purim O. - Systemic therapies options in advanced HCC


Dr.Pelles S. - Who should treat HCC? Hepatologists or Oncologists


Dr. Brenner R. - Diagnosis of HCC, the role of imaging vs biopsy

Dr.Hubert A. - Satellite BMS: Immunotherapy in gastrointestinal cancer: Latest results, current studies and future perspectives

Dr.Ben Aharon I. - Update on hot topics from ASCO and ESMO


Prof. Grothey A. - "second line treatment options in HER-2 positive and HER-2 negative gastric cancer”?"


Prof. Brenner B. - Two decades of clinical trials with targeted therapy in Gastric cancer - Where are we now?


Dr.Yarom N.  - Is there still a role for radiotherapy in Gastric cancer?


Dr. Man S. - Can we personalize chemotherapy for gastric cancer?


Dr.Shacham Shmueli E. - Satellite Lilly: Exploring the anti angiogenic treatment in gastric cancer


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